Juror Information

Selection Process

Citizens are selected to serve on a jury from a combined list of Wayne County registered voters and licensed drivers.

  • A questionnaire is mailed to each member of the potential jury pool once a year.
  • Citizens who receive this questionnaire are required under penalty of law to answer the questions and return the form to the District Court within ten days. You may be found in contempt of court if:
    • You fail to respond to a jury summons without good cause
    • You fail to answer the qualification form
    • You misrepresent anything on the form
  • Please note that our jury questionnaire will never ask for your social security number or bank account information. If you receive something that appears to be from the court that requests this private information, please contact your local police department immediately.
  • Each questionnaire will be evaluated and those who meet the established criterion will then be put into our jury pool for the year.
  • When a jury trial is set, an impartial, random selection from this jury pool is performed as required by law. Some people are chosen several times during their lifetime, others are never chosen.

Read about the Juror Qualifications.

If you have any questions concerning the jury selection process, you may contact the Clerk of the District Court, who also serves as the Jury Commissioner, at (402) 375-2260.